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Monday, 7 February 2011

Food for thought

Ok so i had to share a little tip bit i learnt about recently much to my benefit and maybe yours.

So i like to think of myself as a fairly healthy person. In the main i suffer from mental issues rather than physical ones. Yeah I'm mental i know you already know that. So when i say mental i mean in the past on and off for several years i have suffered from Panic Attacks, Depression and OCD. I haven't had any of these things for quite some time thankfully but about two months before Christmas my Panic Attacks came back to haunt me. They have always been very random with no obvious indicator which makes them all the more difficult to avoid. So after their arrival and i may add this is not really what this post is about but bear with me i had a mad run of 'dis-ease' to use Louise Hays term. Last year one of the most obvious issues i suffered from was indigestion. When i say that i don't just mean the odd burp either. When it cropped up last year i went to see the doc eventually because the indigestion would sit behind my breast bone and cause such congestion and discomfort, she put me on Omprazolle, excuse if I've mispelled that. I guess in time that worked and the indigestion went away. Occasionally when i felt like things were getting bad again or if my tummy was a bit topsy turvy i bought Actimel, which i might add i love and would happily drink all the time. Anyway. As various issues over Christmas came and went the last thing remaining or things was my anxiety and indigestion. One Friday i sat at the PC looking for natural quick fixes for indigestion. One or two things that came up time and time again was Lemon and Honey! So for an instant experiment i added 1tbsp of lemon juice and one tbsp of honey to some hot water that evening before bed. The next day was one of the most comfortable days i had had in a very long time. So the next morning for my first drink of the day i had hot water with honey and lemon, the same again. So here we are over two weeks later. My indigestion is pretty much non existent. If i burp now it's what i would imagine most people do maybe once or twice a day. I have no discomfort, no jumbly tummy and even the toilet visits have vastly improved. I have read lots and lots of information about honey and it's uses and it seems to be a good all round healer and one i am very enthused about. The lemon also but apparently you do have to watch the enamel on your teeth!

So on that note please consider the use of honey in your diet it could just be the thing that works and no need for medication and un needed expense. Please refer here for lots more information on the subject of honey. The anxiety in the main has also not reared it's ugly head for a couple of weeks but then i have read that honey also helps with that. You can read about that here. So in the main i would say round of applause for honey. Give it a try :)

I appreciate i am not a doctor so if in doubt always consult a doctor but if it works for you natures treasures offer some relief :)

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