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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Lots of Love

Ok so it's nearly that time and yes i have kept myself busy. When I'm not doing the usual things round the house or delivering leaflets i do get crafty and when I'm not making Christmas Cards i spread the love lol.


 here is my first creation for Valentines Day. Made using a metal heart hanger from the £1 shop. The main heart originally had a smaller heart hanging in the middle of it crudely attached with what looked like a large staple so i unhooked that and removed it. Then i played around with felt roses after my little experiment below and adds some pipe cleaner embellishments and glued it all with my glue gun. I have to say even on this white background it doesn't do it any justice, it does look nicer in real life but I'm pleased with it.


Here are my strung hearts. All cut out of card and punched and embellished with white gel pen. I laminated them for extra strength and durability and they are attached to each other using white shower curtain rings which come in very useful for this type of thing. Ideally this should hang in a window so the light shines through the punched holes on the large heart of the stars on the smaller ones but it is hanging from the ceiling. I quite like it simple as it is. Just goes to show all you need it a bit of imagination and not alot of money or time :)

Happy Valentines Day...Mwah!

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Amy said...

Those are so cute! I enjoy crafts too and will have to try out some of my own holiday crafts :)

Talented K9