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Friday, 15 April 2011

Poem In Your Pocket Day

becomes Poem On Your Blog Day...

This morning i read this post over at JolieArt. All about a poem written by Alec aged 9. So as it was Poem In Your Pocket Day yesterday, which btw I've never heard of and being a bit of a poet myself i didn't want to let the opportunity to go by. Now finding a poem to share wasn't an easy task. I have written so many over the years about all sorts of subjects, lots on Christmas my 'favourite' time of year but i flicked through my folder and decided to share a seasonal favourite. You can read more about Poem In My Pocket day, i was gonna abbreviate that but I'm sure you can work out why i didn't check out the link. In the mean time here is my poem :)

The seasons are changing, 
the leaves from green through brown.
Creating a cascade of colours,
below me on the ground.

The light is fading,
the nights are drawing in.
Starting to feel cooler,
time to stay in.

Time is moving faster,
carrying us on her way.
Soon snow will be upon us,
as winter comes to stay.

The snowman puts on his hat and scarf
for another day.
Whilst children finish snowball fights
and put away their sleigh.

There is a buzzing in the air
and a spring in my step.
The bulbs are pushing through the ground
but won’t be seen just yet.

Finally in all their glory
A rainbow of colour I see.
Lapping up the sunshine
and scenting the air that I breathe.

The seasons are a changing,
the leaves from green through brown…

Kerridwen Jeffery

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