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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Birthday celebrations and creations :)

Gosh how the time flies almost the end of another week. Well my week got off to a great start with it being my birthday on Monday. We spent the day in Stratford and on arrival it was pretty hot and humid and i was thinking how was i gonna survive but the heat let up a bit and the breeze kicked in a little which eased things. It was just a leisurely wander round after having something to eat and our usual visit to the Christmas shop. Yes on the 1st August on a hot summers day we were admiring Christmas trees and deccies :)

 I had a cake this year too and boy was it a cake and a half.

 Here is is

It's rare that i get a cake and mostly it's because i baked it but this year my hubby really excelled when he got this ordered. You know me and Owls, it's nearly gone now which is just as well really lol.

I had some lovely gifts including flowers, wine, baking book, little handmade felt owl, candle making kit, toiletries, Owl ornament for the garden and last month hubby treated me to some new clothes although typically i still had nothing to wear to a wedding reception this last weekend lol.

This is now the second week of the holiday and hubby went back to work yesterday. I have found a little creative time regardless of my son being home which is nice. Here is today's creation

This was a white blank canvas that i distressed and then built upon the paper pieced home. I like how it turned out and am looking forward to the next one :)

Oh yes and creations of another kind. Having rifled through my sisters Slimming World recipes i couldn't help having a go at a few and this i made for a friends birthday.

Yoghurt Gingerbread (or my version lol)

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clare said...

lovely baking there. i bet it went down a treat! x