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Friday, 30 December 2011


It's almost upon us, 
comes but once a year. 
Time to raise our glasses
and wave goodbye to the year.
Look back on all that's 
been and gone.
Memories good and bad.

Plans to look forward
to what before us lies.
Resolute to all good things
onward, upward, fly.

So farewell to 2011
Strangely i'll be sad to see you go.
No doubt i'll shed a tear or two but no one needs to know. 

Don't wait up!


Daisy Luv and Light said...

What a gorgeous farewell to 2011:)!! Beautifully written:)!! I will post this on FB if you don't mind:)!

Daisy Luv and Light said...

Just read your post about copyright- I will wait for your okay before sharing;)! Happy 2012 to you:)!!

Fotf said...

Thanks Daisy, share away :) Happy New year in advance :)