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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Griddle Pan Waffles/Epic Hot Chocolate

Well this morning seemed like a good day to try Jamie Oliver's Griddle Pan Waffles. I have been back time and again since watching the recent festive episodes and tried the Epic Hot Chocolate also pictured above as well as the semifreddo. So as you can see i pulled all the ingredients together and let them rest as suggested and once hubby was up got on with cooking it. It seemed to be doing quite nicely until i tried flipping it as suggested. Our pan sat to one side slightly which mean't one side was more than ready but not so much the other but we split it in half and got by. So out came one half in one complete piece whilst hubbies half came out in kinda odds and sods lol. I sliced mine into pieces like Jamie did but refrained from dipping it in the hot chocolate.

My first impression of the waffles is NO to salt. If you're going to eat these with a fried egg or bacon on top then i'm sure that's nice but not when you prefer as i do a sweet topping. I pretty much never used salt and my taste buds were like, what is that all about. So i would make it again without salt if it's for a sweet breakfast. As for the Epic hot chocolate, in all honesty i just don't feel it's that 'epic'. I struggle to get the 70% cocoa solid chocolate to melt thoroughly and am aware of the texture of all the ingredients if that makes sense but i'm pleased I've tried it now, it's all experience. So the countdown continues, New Year is just around the corner. Do you have plans?

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Maggie said...

Not so good then? He obviously hyped this one up.