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Monday, 26 December 2011

That time of year

‘It doesn’t feel like Christmas’.
   Is what I say each year.
‘But what does Christmas feel like?’
   replies mummy dear.
It doesn’t feel like Christmas.
   For all the time we spend.
Preparing for that special time,
   and hoping it won’t end.
Each year I try to recapture,
   those memories so dear.
When a small glass of sherry
   was a treat once a year.
When on the bed each morning
   a stocking would be found.
Brimmed with lots of goodies
   that cost less than a pound.
No tiptoeing at the crack of dawn
   to look under the tree.
A quick squeeze and a shake,
   ‘Oops that’s not for me!’
We’ve put up decorations,
   tinsel and our tree.
The house is covered in fairy lights
   as far as the eye can see.
‘But Christmas is for children’,
   is what I’m being told?
But I still want that excitement
   even though I’m getting old-er.
It’s getting too commercialised.
   The true meaning been forgot
but you don’t have to jump on the wagon
   and get the lot.
So when this Christmas comes around
   we’ll enjoy it all the same.
Because although each Christmas is different.
   The memories remain.

Kerridwen Jeffery

I wrote this some years ago now but each year the same thoughts run through my head, what does Christmas feel like for you? My mum said yesterday we base our thoughts of Christmas on old memories and hope that each year will live up to them, but some of those memories are from childhood when the stress we put on ourselves as a grown up don't exist, the magic still prevails.

I don't know how much longer i shall be adding to my blog, i love to share my thoughts but sharing is what counts where blogs are concerned and it's so nice when someone stops by and leaves a comment. So if you stop by and have a read and have a moment, please say hi.

Happy New Year 2012, i hope you bring with you some good cheer :)

Foot note! These are my thoughts and feelings please do not steal those and claim them as your own but better still find a quiet corner with pen and paper and see what thoughts come to mind and before you know it you may have your own festive poem :)

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