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Thursday, 4 December 2008

Christmas Wish

If I had a wish for Christmas.
It would be to turn back time.
When children believed in Santa Claus,
and the day’s of Auld Lang Sine.
When snow fell like a blanket,
creating a winter wonderland.
And the melodic tunes of this festive time.
Were created by the band.
When the fairy in all her glory,
stood proud at the top of the tree.
And kept watch over all the presents,
that lay in wait for you and me.
A magical time spent with loved one.
Everyone happy and gay.
As we celebrate the birth of Jesus.
On this his special day.
But things have changed a bit
now you will see.
Although the memories
have not escaped me.
Perhaps if we try a bit harder.
We can make it a reality.

K. Jeffery
I wrote this sometime ago along with several others about Christmas, you can tell it's my favourite time of year. Enjoy.


Alicia Padrón said...

Wow, I can see Christmas has arrived to your blog!! It is beautiful :o)

Have you gotten my email?

Michelle said...

I love this, Kerri. Its obvious that Christmas is near and dear to your heart. Thank you so much for selling my cards, my lovely friend!

Michelle :)

Senta said...

You wrote this??? That blows my mind, you are one talented woman! I love this poem.

Fotf said...

Thank you all for your comments.You can tell it's my favourite time of year can't you. Thanks Alicia, Michelle and yes Senta i did write it i have about thirty plus poems in my collection and about half a dozen are about Christmas, i will post a couple more between now and the big day :-)