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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

'Do Nothing: it's good for you' - Positively Pooh Coffee Companion

Learning to relax and sit back is an art in itself. Having a child and having suffered from PND or whatever combination you wish to call it I learnt to take time out for me. I have gone from being obsessed with doing to trying to alternate my days, housework, something I’d like to do.

Religiously I have taken 20 minutes or so each and every day to listen to a self-hypnosis tape. When Brett goes to bed the phones go off and the tape goes on. In order to stay sane and get on with the day-to-day tasks I have found this to be a godsend. My plan like any habit is to drop it even if it’s only alternate days to see if I can get by without my ‘fix’ today is one of those days!

So my message for today and the coming year is to take time out for the things you enjoy. Reading, writing, creating, cooking or just sitting quietly with a cuppa.
Here’s to 2009 and all it may bring :-)


Michelle said...

Hi Kerri!

I love this post. Its so absolutely important to do what you love, even if its 10 minutes a day.

Thank you for your lovely post on my blog today. You are the wind beneath my wings, girl! I love your attitude towards life and creativity. You inspire me!

Michelle :)

Fotf said...

Thanks Michelle, and what a lovely thing to say :-)