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Friday, 12 December 2008

My Lucky Day

Oh my, Wednesday must have been my lucky day. There I was sitting at my PC and looking at the blog updates on my blog. I clicked on Imagine, Create, Inspire and was looking at the winners of Fannies recent giveaways. I got right down to the bottom of the list and there I was FOTF (Friendofthefaries for those that don’t know!).

I won ‘Reach’ original ACEO collage by Nancy Lefko, it is a lovely star. I am chuffed to bits you made my day again Fannie :-)


Fannie said...

Congratulations, K! Thanks for playing. Your ACEO is on its way to you.

Anything you can dream or imagine is within your REACH! Enjoy!

Rick said...

Congratulations - a nice surprise.

Be sure to check my blog come January for my second annual giveaway.