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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Fairy Assortment

I thought having seen into one or two peoples space i would share some snippets of mine. As most of you know i am a big fairy fan and now a little taken with owls. Below is a card i recently picked up at a farm shop, i was so taken with this peice entitled 'Things are not always as they seem' by Kitty Herridge, there are elves, gnomes, a cat, robin :-)and a large owl watching over the 'Entrance to the Secret Garden' couldn't help myself. The card at the back is by Jennifer L Nilsson who some of you may have come across, appropriately named 'Atop the garden wall' I love her work and bought several of her ACEO's two of which i gave away on mothers day.

The following are all part of a boxed unit with different fairy arrangements in it.

The dragon fly pot nearest the front of the box below is a peice of Jennifer Kirks from QVC i love her fairy jewellery and have several peices of that too!

The box below contains two tiny angels that i bought at the car boot on Monday, couldn't resist adding them to my collection.

There are one or two mini cards that i was given during an 'Angel day' the mini card in the fairy's lap says 'Consistency' i try to remain consistent but it isn't always easy. The other card says 'Angels love you for being you'


Hibiscus Moon said...

Oh, sooo pretty. I love that and seeing pictures of other people's favorite things or spaces. Pretty, pretty, pretty.

Fannie said...

lovely! thanks for sharing, kerri!