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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Heart of the Matter

Meet the Felt family, from left rear Cando Owl and next to him Brownie Owl. Cando Owl was my first try at felt craft and Brownie made from a template i have used previously with patterned paper. Across the front row are the heart i made today with a view to making Christmas decorations and possibly lavender scented hearts. My first Easter egg, my Easter Chick and my second more fiddly Easter egg. I have found this so addictive this last couple of weeks and am constantly looking for templates so watch this space.


Fannie said...


Laura said...

Thanks so much for stopping by recently - and yes, you should definitely join in!!

It will be a wonderful journey, I hope you find the time to do this with us - it's very relaxed and easygoing, not art/product related at all (that's why I decided to do it!)


Laura said...

P.S. Your felt characters are very cute, do they have names? (perhaps it would add to their appeal? :>) Happy Easter to you too!!

Fannie said...

you added more lovelies! how wonderful.

happy easter to you and your family.