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Tuesday, 7 September 2010


As one door closes another one opens,
but i want to stay inside.
It's here i bought my ticket
for a special kind of ride.

No idea where this journey would take us,
or what we would see along  the way.
No sat nav or AA to guide us,
to lead us to this day.

Time flies when you're having fun
but it wasn't always this way.
This journey had it's ups and downs
as any parent will say.

No umbilical cord to join us 
but by my side is where you'd be.
My shadow would never be lonely
with you for company.

So this chapter is nearly complete,
A blank page stares back at me.
Ready to put pen to paper
to fill with love and memories.

Dedicated to Brett Niner on nearly the eve of school.
Written with love and tears!


Dreamer said...

Thats a beautiful poem Kerri. One day when Brett is older he will be so proud that you wrote it for him. Hugsx

Fotf said...

Ahhh thanks mum :)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

what a sweet poem! Hope the school year has got off to a great start for your son. They grow up way too fast.