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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The Great Owl Challenge

Recently i joined the Hive, it's a mine of creative information from all walks of creative life. Dennis threw out a challenge to make an Owl, not sure he was expecting quite the interest that followed but just goes to show how popular they are. I know i love them but I'm obviously not on my own. Anyway i was thinking, dangerous i know, how or what would i do and yo and behold i thought oh yes I'll make a paper mache Owl, never done paper mache before, or atleast not for many many years but the gauntlet got thrown down and the wheels in motion and here we are under a week later.


I used a balloon as the base for my owl, layer upon layer of newspaper followed by some recycled paper bags. The eyes are a mixture of bottle tops with googly eyes in with a bit of string for decorative effect and a bit of purple mesh behind. I added a bit more purple mesh for his belly and then used my sons hands on the wings and part of my hands for his feet, these shapes were also covered with recycled paper bags and additional colour added with an orange ink pad. I have glittered his wings and feet so he has a bit of gold sparkle. I think hes not bad considering I've never done it before. Hope you like him :)

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