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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Hive Creative Challenge - Autumn playtime

Well here is today's piece of creativity inspired by the Creative Challenge over at the Hive

Yesterday i was inspired by Art Attack, a children's art programme where Neil blew paint with a straw, then i added the leaves by splashing carefully some lovely colours. I'm sure we've all done it as children. I had a go yesterday and then today i knuckled down and did an Autumn tree complete with it's Autumn gown of many colours. I really enjoyed this technique and will definitely be using it again. There is alot to be said for child's play. I remember my son bringing home a funky painting he'd done using marbles. Drop the marbles in the paint and then onto the paper in a tray of some sort and wiggle it around, such fun, I've done that too. Go on unleash your inner child :)

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