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Thursday, 13 November 2008


My experience with Reiki came about during a ‘Spring into Summer’ day at our local Guild house. I booked in for a ten-minute taster session with Glenys. It’s some time ago now but Glenys and Reiki made quite an impression and I remember saying I would be in touch.

It could well be up to four or five years later and I am still great friends with Glenys and she is infact my sons ‘Fairy’ Godmother. She has been there for me through some really hard times. Originally I went for regular treatment sessions; nowadays I go for the occasional (many thanks to Glenys) complimentary session. Glenys talks through any previous problems I have had and will check my chakras for any imbalances. When people as me about chakras I liken them to cogs on a grandfather clock, with time they become less mobile or fluid and that affects the general working condition of the clock or in our case body. Glenys has also used crystals which relate to certain conditions. These are placed comfortably on certain parts of the body or chakra points. The energy is channelled through the Reiki practitioner’s hands and applied to the client. This is usually something you can feel, heat or tingling sensations but can vary from person to person. Glenys works over the entire body via a sequence of points. It is very relaxing although I have yet to fall asleep.

I am all for trying alternative therapies and would highly recommend anyone to try it. Why not combine some relaxation ‘me time’ with the ‘Natural Healing Art of Reiki’.


SENTA said...

I am totally with you on that, what not try it out? There's so much more to our minds and bodies than we even know, I truly believe that! This sounds amazing. I'll have to check around and see if there's anyone in my area who does it. I guess the trick is making sure the person actually knows what they are doing, eh??? I wish I could have Glenys do it but that would be one expensive session with the plan ticket and all, LOL! Hey do you mind if I link to your page?

Fotf said...

Thanks for you kind words Senta. Keep your eyes peeled for qualified practitioners, Glenys is a Reiki Master too so trains others in Reiki.

Fotf said...

Oh and of course i don't mind if you link to me on your blog :-)

Fannie said...

Glenys sounds like a terrific friend. Wonderful! I agree with your sentiment about trying alternative therapies. Just as we are all different in personalities and needs, there are many different ways to heal our bodies. We are fortunate to live in a time that offers numerous choices from a buffet of possibilities.

I hope you find the balance you seek and know that you have friends who care. You are loved.

SENTA said...

Hi!! I tagged you on my blog you lucky girl ;)