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Thursday, 20 November 2008

Tag Your it!

Wow, I got tagged, now I’m supposed to tell you something about me, thanks Senta.

1) Much like Senta I grew up with an unusual name, Kerridwen! When I was little I got really fed up with explaining how it was pronounced, spelt and where it came from. It is Welsh although usually spelt with a C. Now as a grown up I love having an unusual name.

2) I am now a full time mum to Brett. He will be three in January. He is charming and loving, exhausting and from time to time a complete pain in the … But I wouldn’t be without him. He keeps me amused with his renditions of Michael Jackson's ‘Thriller’, Pinks ‘So What’ and currently Human Leagues ‘Don’t you want me baby’. The futures X Factor star!

3) I write poetry. As a youngster at school I don’t’ recall having much interest in poetry but probably wrote my first poem around that time. Recently I typed them all out onto the PC and printed them off and then laminated them to protect them. Now they’re all in a folder and I have just over thirty, almost one for every year of my life. I hope next year to ‘Blurb’ them and have my own collection.

4) I have an interest in ghosts, messages and visits from beyond the grave. Strangely I think I developed this curiosity at quite a young age. Mum has a book called ‘Folklore Myths and Legends’ and I remember many a time spent browsing the articles of unexplained happenings. Still to this day I am fascinated by the prospect that those passed over may still exist in ours or parallel universe.

5) I have a cat called Willow. She is black with (when relaxed) Siamese blue eyes. She is extremely affectionate. Some have said a ‘Witches’ cat!

6) I am an OCD sufferer. I don’t think I have always had this, infact I know I haven’t. After having my son I suffered from PND/PTSD and OCD tagged along for the ride. I have to say it doesn’t rule me now. I still have some OCD habits but most of the emotional attachment and need for control has faded. You can live it and SURVIVE it!

7) My favourite time of year has to be winter. You may question why, the most obvious reason is it’s the festive season, goodwill to all ladies and gentlemen. I love the idea of closing the curtains, switching on my fairy lights and tree and enjoying a glass of mulled wine.
Merry Christmas to all…

So there you have it, seven things you probably never knew about me…

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Senta said...

Wow we seriously have sooo much in common! I am so happy to know you! I adore your name, my husband is almost 100% welsh, and I guess Plyer comes from there, so it's nice to know such a pretty first name. Sounds like you have a very sweet little boy at home too, this post was really fun to read!

Fotf said...

Wow Senta, you certainly know how to give me goosebumps lol. I love that the internet or WWW has given me the opportunity to meet lovely people like you and i truly feel that our paths like one or two others were mean't to cross.

Senta said...

¥es definitely, same here!! I know it's not Thanksgiving in your neck of the woods but Happy Thanksgiving anyway :)