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Thursday, 6 November 2008

Laid Bare - How do you see yourself?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; I think we can all agree on that, as is everything in life.

Today someone remarked on me being ‘so talented’.

How do you see yourself?

I am 38, married with an almost three-year-old son. We rent our home and have been here 8 years. My entire working life so far has been training and working as a hairdresser up until 3 years ago. I have qualifications in Indian head massage, gel nails, make-up and one or two others. Some I intended to make use of others I did for pleasure. My hobbies in the past have included photography and jewellery making, glass painting and probably one or two others I’ve forgotten. Oh yeah singing, I had singing lessons too but packed them in during the run up to our wedding. Nowadays I still like to express myself whether it be writing, children’s stories, an adult piece I have unfinished, poetry or by making cards, or helping Brett with his ‘spotting’ and adding to his scrapbook. I never really saw myself as a parent although I couldn't imagine never having children either. Under the circumstances I think I/we are doing a fairly decent job of bringing up our son.

I don’t think of myself as ‘Talented’ although I can recognise that I have a talent that enables me to write and create and see the beauty in other people’s creations. Sometimes we need the reassurances of others that we are good at what we do and sometimes one remark can make the difference between persevering and feeling discouraged. So thanks for stopping by, spending time here with my words and pictures and thanks to those that leave comments, it’s always good to read your thoughts :-)


Michelle said...

Kerri, You should most definately see yourself as talented. You are a beautiful writer for one and look at all of the other talents you have, Wow! You inspire me :)

Fotf said...

Thanks for your kind comments Michelle :-)