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Monday, 10 November 2008

Wise - Illustration Friday

'Oh the wonderful colours of Autumn'

A wise old bird once said.

While for the most part it was visions of sugar plums

that danced round in her head!


This is the first time i have attempted 'Illustration Friday' and while i guess this is not technically and illustration it is my interpretation. An owl, ok not original but the words came first and it was a choice of bird or a old but cute fairy. I have managed to pull this off with my son distracting me every which way he can. Normally he would sleep but not today and normally i wouldn't even attempt putting the card together or trying to update my blog while he is around. A feet in itself.Hope you like it.


Flor Larios Art said...

I love it! Very cute!

cata said...

Welcome to IF!!!!
Love your wise owl!
REgards from Tuscany.

Fotf said...

Thank you ladies :-)

Roberta said...

Well it's very well done!
Isn't that small amount of freedom during naptime wonderful.... I also have one of those sweet little distractions, she's three!

Ellen said...

I love this! Beautiful!!