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Tuesday, 2 October 2007


This came in the post for me today. As soon as i saw the envelope on the floor i knew what it was.

This is one of two ATCs that my friend Annette sent me. It's been a while since i made any ATCs but we've traded other things.

Technically ATCs are 2.5x3.5.They can be decorated to your tasted. You can slip them into special sleeves which in my case makes things difficult as many of the ones i have made have been three dimensional, decoupage and teabag folding. You can give them away or trade them but you don't sell them.

I've traded some lovely material with Annette this time which i hope she finds useful.In return i got Linea, one of Annette's lovely ladies, one other that I'm saving for Christmas and a couple of Annette's lovely designs that are now available on cards and stickers.

Takk Annette (Hope I've got that right lol!)

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