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Monday, 8 October 2007

Happy Anniversary - Six Years Today

It’s more than seven years
since you stepped back into my life.
Six years ago ‘TODAY
you made me your wife.
A little baby boy,
made our family complete,
A full time occupation.
Nothing can compete.
Life has not been easy,
it has to be said.
Some day’s it’s quite an achievement
if I have made the bed.
But lie on it is what we do
together or apart.
As we continue to face
what life throws at us,
may nothing ever part.
So ‘Happy Anniversary my love'.
It’s nice to have you here.
To share the good times
and the bad.
To know you’ll always be near.
We’ve started on life’s journey.
There’s still a way to go,
but just take a moment to remember.
I still love you so…

Kerridwen Niner

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