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Monday, 1 October 2007

Polly Pocket

This is Brett playing with one of my two Polly Pockets. It's sometime since i bought these. They both came second hand from Ebay. One is a hairdressers the other a kind of fairy playground. No guesses for why i chose them lol!

I pulled out a couple of boxes from the loft yesterday afternoon and both my Polly Pockets were in there. I brought them downstairs this afternoon and Brett decided that he needed to 'have it!' His words not mine. He played with them for a while before we went out and continued to play with the fairy playground when we got home. I'm always fascinated by what interest them. I guess there are things inside the playground like a balloon and roundabout, compartments, it lights up. There are four tiny Polly's, one fairy another doll and the two that ran the salon have moved in. Not sure how long it will amuse him for but nice to see him playing.

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Dreamer said...

This little boy knows exactly what he wants. Cute picture Kerri. Hugs Mum