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Friday, 5 October 2007

Time flies


Dear Kelly,

Thank you for the card, letter and photograph, i was very pleased to hear from you. I
think it was a lovely idea to write to me and I'm very glad you did. When you only hear about people now and again and never see them at all the years seem to flash by, meaning that i was staggered to find you were already twelve years old.'

Forgive the fact that it appears to say Kelly rather than Kerri, I'm not sure whether that's down to writing or memory lol!

This is a passage from a letter as you can see dated Sunday 19th of December 1982 from my mums Auntie, my great Aunt. I'm not sure what made me start writing to her initially, i don't think i ever met her but our communications kept up till at least 1984 or at least that's the last letter I've found. I don't believe i ever met my great Aunt although she may have met me when i was too little to remember. I'm glad i took the time to write to her now, i have enjoyed reading through her letters, she's gone now as are many members of our distant family. Mum is embarking with lots of help in doing our family tree and it is interesting for all of us i hope to find our roots. It's the usual thing that the questions we have come when there is no longer anyone with the answers, it is important to take the time amongst all the things we NEED to do to talk to our nearest and dearest so we don't wish we had taken the time.

Mum is enjoying her new project and has met some lovely helpful members of our family and made some new friends at the same time. I wonder what she will find out next?

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Dreamer said...

I so agree Kerri. I think these days we are more likely to ask, and parents are more willing to tell about the past. Hugs Mum