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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Snow Business

Today it snowed, in the Midlands, in England and yes before Scotland.

I’m not sure how long it had been going but one of my friends had mentioned it on their Facebook status. I looked out of the window and then rushed to the front door where Brett and I observed the fluffy flakes falling from the sky. I text several friends and left a comment in reply to my friends status and headed back to the front door and called my husband to let him know. It wasn’t snowing in Milton Keynes, not even wet which we had already had. I tried taking pictures but snow moves quite fast so I’m not sure it did it any justice.

For a time there was an element of excitement and anticipation. Quite a few status messages appeared reflecting the change in weather. Would it settle, for a time it seemed possible but eventually it slowed and turned.

I do love snow. I’m not entirely sure why, I can only think it’s some childhood memory that sparkles along with the flakes. My thoughts turned to snowmen, building them, drawing them and then to ‘Shivery Snowman’, ‘Cringle Christmas Tree’, and ‘Mistletoe Mouse’. Three imaginary characters that came to be maybe even twelve months ago while doodling with Brett. Very quickly these three characters came to life, in words at least. I need to practice more with my pencil before they come to life in that form but I unleashed another future publication or another story to add to my growing collection.

Will share my first adventure when I get a mo!!!


Michelle said...

You are so lucky to see some snowflakes! I miss the snow so much. (It only snowed here once about 15 years ago for a few minutes) Growing up in Massachusetts, I know the excitement of the first snow of the season. There is something so wonderful and magical about it - it brings out the kid in everyone I think! :)

Fannie said...

Oh, I would love to see your characters come to life and hear their stories. I love snow too. I wish we could enjoy them each Christmas. Wonderful post. Enjoy!