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Friday, 6 August 2010

It's my party and i'll cry if i want to...

You know me (well most of you do anyway). I am always full of bright ideas, some of which come to fruition, most of which don't. Sometime ago i had an idea that to celebrate mine and hubbies birthday, our 40ths we should have an 80's style fancy dress party, what fun.There was another quite important element to this party but on the off chance that that may occur sometime in the future I'm going to save it.

Anyway as you know there has been no fancy dress party, due to finances it got cancelled.

Jason celebrated his birthday in several different (quite successful) ways. Me i tried, first there was a trip to London and a 'surprise' show, then i tried to organise a potting party but time marches on and there were yes's, no's, maybes and no answers so in the end i thought enough is enough and called it off. By now you can imagine that my interest in my 'big' day was waning.

Thanks to my 'Parent Group' friends for my Hobbycraft vouchers and cake, complete with candle :) Thanks to Glenny for my b'day lunch.Thanks to family and friends for all my cards, pressies and facebook comments and thanks to Melanie for making me and Brett lunch the day after :)

It really sounds like i'm moaning but maybe you can understand a little why it felt like somewhat of an anticlimax when my birthday arrived :-(

Not even a cake to celebrate with on the day, so today almost a week later, i bake myself a cake complete with sparkler candles because after all it was my birthday, a special event of which there are few and you only get to be 40 once and from here on in I'm going backwards...Maybe a photo or two to follow depending on how my cake works out...


Beedeebabee said...

Hello Sweetie, A very Happy Birthday to you! Good for you for baking yourself up a sweet treat! One year all three of my guys forgot about my birthday, and it just slipped by, but I still felt like a princess all day long...I always feel like a princess on my birthday...I'll never grow up that way! hee hee hee! xo

Claire said...

Awww sorry your big day was an anticlimax, my 40th was very similar a few years ago. We should have had a cyber party to celebrate! I hope you enjoy your cake, looking forward to seeing a photo
love and hugs
Claire xx