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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Tweet tweet

Last week i popped into town for one or two things and on visiting Wilko i spotted these...

Oohhh, i had a quick squizz and then went off to compare prices on the things I'd come up for which primarily was some drawing paper and stuff for my son. I got him some bits in the £1 shop and then popped back to Wilko. With my birthday so close i wasn't sure i was doing the right thing, I'm always telling hubby off for wanting to buy things close to his birthday but i took the risk after all you can never have too many bits of stationary with owls and birdies on can you :) No one else bought me them so i was safe.

They are just so cute, don't you think?!?

Tweet tweet :)

Thought i would just share my latest card here too as it fits with the feathered theme

Made this this afternoon using a free digital stamp available here 
Love how he turned out and i made this for my uncle so it's quite masculine i hope, think i might do some more of these but i must get some more of these lovely brown cards that i can't find at Hobbycraft just The Range :)

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Greebo T. Cat said...

Thanks for sending me the link to your colouring of George the Owl. I think it is wonderful, I am so proud of it, and you did all the hard work... I hope your Uncle was well pleased, I know I would be if I was receiving it.

hugs Janie xxx

(P.S. Slightly jealous of how well you use pencils to colour in...)