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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Stop Oh Yes Wait A Minute Mr Postman

Ok so yesterday i had a fantastic parcel come all the way from my dear friend Senta in Utah. I've never met Senta but like one or two ladies across the pond in the states we've become really good friends, as much as you can when you never see each other, thank goodness for Email, Facebook and Skype. So last year me and Senta decided to have a crafty swap which was great fun. This year we thought we'd do another one. It's sometime since we agreed to have another one but these things take time amongst all the normal day to day things we have going on. Anyway my parcel to Senta went a few weeks ago and she has it now and loved all her goodies only one of which i think i have a picture of which I'll try and add. Mine came yesterday and i have been stalking the postman for days lol.

Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow about sums it up. Now in my box was a combination of things. On my Ivy's Attic page i suggested a crafty swap which three of us took part in, me, Senta and Melissa. My item goes to Melissa and still needs posting. Melissa's parcel is going to Senta and is now in the post or has arrived but i was lucky enough to get Sentas creation. The theme to our crafty swap was to make something that represented us or where we come from...

Here it is, isn't it amazing. The card with the ribbon tells you a bit about Utah and on the box Senta has painted a little map about Utah. The cricket and the Seagull were in the box as the crickets were eating the crops and the seagulls ate the crickets and saved the crops (in a much more abbreviated story) Personally i think this is wonderful, thanks Senta, so much. Mwah.

This is the contents of my box layed out on the bed!

So amongst my amazing collection of goodies was a handmade cupcake which is adorable, a fabulous recipe book all pieced together, just for me, how exciting, can't wait to try out the recipes, a Reese's cake bar mix, which after the Drop Scone Mix at Christmas will be the most fun to make.

As well as that there is a magical Fairie magazine, a crafting magazine and a Dover book of Fairy folk transfers for me to play with :)

Then there is a tortoise making kit :) and some amazing Victorian hanging decorations which will look fab on my twiggy light up branches cause they're not Christmassy so i don't have to wait.

I am so chuffed with all my amazing goodies, how wonderful, it made my day thank you Senta :)

This is the candle jar i made for Senta which i haven't shared until now so it didn't spoil the surprise :)

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Rhonda Miller said...

Wow, what a fun surprise you have had. It all looks so fun.

That jar is gorgeous. TFS.