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Thursday, 5 August 2010

More Holiday Reading

I just had to read this to Brett yesterday, the main reason being that it was raining. It's a bit of a girly book on the exterior but boy does Molly have some brolly good adventures :)

This next book fits in nicely with the fact that during the holidays the library is running a Space Hop the challenge is to read just six books, or be read to as in Brett's age group.Anyway on Tuesday morning we went to a space hop inspired morning of stories and crafts, made a rocket and coloured space men etc. I knew we had this book at home so out it came. Bobs adventures on the moon and the distinct lack of aliens!

Today's book (well one of several) is actually one of mine. I think i bought it at a car boot pretty much due to the lovely illustrations. I do that alot :)
This book tells of Ziggi who wonders why he is here. He gets taken on a special journey to find out and to be honest his little journey applies to us all :)

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