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Sunday, 30 September 2007

To Tink or not to Tink?

So up till around seven years ago i had no body art unlike my husband who is well into double figures. Not long after we first met we went to Blackpool. I don't recall how much persuasion it took but i decided to have one done. I guess i must have chosen from the pictures on the wall. I had the Chinese symbols for love with a rose incorporated. My biggest fear was the pain.

Well it can't have hurt that much. During a rather dreadful second visit to Blackpool i chose to have another one. I wanted a fairy but none of the ones the shop had on show appealed to me. During our time in Blackpool i had worn my Tinkerbell t-shirt. The guy in the tattoo shop suggested copying the design. I thought that was a good idea and that is what we did. Yet again i thought how much is it going to hurt. It's a strange sensation, definitely uncomfortable but strangely familiar once you've been through it. In fact over the years I've likened it to childbirth although even now i haven't experienced that in the natural sense. That i am told is painful and yet it doesn't put anyone off, or not for long.

So i did Tink so to speak. She travels with me and sprinkles fairy dust on me when i need it lol! I don't feel the need to further embellish. My step daughter has asked me if i would have one to mark my sons arrival but i have a fairly big scar to carry with me. That said i did briefly debate decorating it but i think that may remain a thought, for now anyway...

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