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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Happy Halloween

Last Friday I went and spent the morning with the ladies of Lilac Ladybird, our only ‘local’ craft studio. When I say local it’s a fifteen-minute drive away at least.

Brett was at Pre-school and mum was picking him up. As it turned out it was only a small gathering, two of us infact. Me, Delia and Maria, the tutor for want of a better word. We were to explore the world of die cut paper dolls using various pieces of equipment. I think I reverted back to my childhood. It was such fun cutting out bodies and choosing different papers, I was in my element.

I have never felt any enthusiasm about die cut machines but in a very short space of time could see the potential. Delia was exploring all avenues, male and female, jeans jumpers etc etc. I was quite happy with my girl dolls and dresses. Infact in the hour and a half we mass produced many items and never actually completed a project but went home with some cards, a wardrobe of clothes and hair and some inspiration. Good fun