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Sunday, 12 October 2008


Magic (IMAGINARY POWER) noun [U] 1 the use of special powers to make things happen which would usually be impossible, such as in stories for children:

This is a word, amongst others that I came across recently when reading a new blog http://fanniecarte.blogspot.com/2008/10/magical-wip-completed.html
It’s an interesting word ‘Magic’, what is the first thing you think of when you hear the word ‘Magic’?

For me it’s about fairies, wizards and sparkles, beautiful Christmas lights on trees, snow laden trees that sparkle against cold wintry skies, intricate snowflakes that dance out of the sky.
There is also 'Magic' in the bond between me and my son. An invisible cord that binds us. The 'Magic' when he gives me a big hug or tells me I have ‘beautiful hair’ or plants a kiss on my nose

At the beginning I included a description of the word ‘Magic’ according to the Cambridge Dictionary ‘The use of special powers’, maybe it takes special powers to see the ‘Magic’ in our surroundings. ‘to make things happen which would normally be impossible’, I guess almost anything is possible if you truly believe. ‘such as in stories for children’. Well as far as I’m concerned ‘Magic’ in children’s stories is crucial as is ‘Faith’ and ‘Hope’. The world is full of scary things, things I’m sure I didn’t worry about as a child. I loved nothing more than visiting the lands at the top of the Faraway Tree or following Moomintroll as he investigated Moominland during the depths of winter.

Where is the ‘Magic’ in your part of the world and what can you benefit from observing a bit of it?


Michelle said...

I love this post, Kerri! For me, there is magic in the air when I am creating my art. I love to walk down to the beach because there is something magical about being by the ocean at sunset. Also, being with my loved ones is the most magical thing I can think of! :)

Fannie said...

Oh, I'd love to visit your magical land of fairies and creatures. Reminds me of the innocence of childhood and the endless imaginative possibilities. I love your brand of magic. Thanks for sharing!

Magic is also finding a kindred spirit. I'm glad to have found you!