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Thursday, 23 October 2008


Last Sunday my husband, son and i went to Warwick. We have been to Warwick on several occasions but usually for St Nicholas's park where there is a big play area, a mini fun fair and a huge amount of grass for the children to run about in as well as a coffee shop. Our visit was as much about having a good look round as entertaining Brett.

My impression had always been that Warwick was full of antique shops but much to my surprise there seemed to be a large number of beauty shops and several bridal shops for what seems to be a small town. We wandered round and found ourselves at the entrance to Warwick Castle but we will save that for another day.

The colours of autumn were everywhere and so i was constantly snapping away with my camera. Brett enjoyed a bit of freedom and i enjoyed a change of scenery.


freebird said...

What a beautiful fall picture. Welcome to EDM.

ale balanzario said...

Hi, thanks for your visit and nice comment in my blog.

Love to visit your blog and find a fairy land here,,,,, Im also living in my own fairy land.


winna said...

Oh the castle!!! I have a vintage guide for that place someone gave me--and an old painting teacher (James C Christensen) went there and gathered lots of material for his work--as you can see I "found" your site and am going to visit every place I can on it......E J (Jill)Mordasky

Michelle said...

Sounds like a magical place!