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Thursday, 13 September 2007


My flabber has never been so gasted. Those of you that know us know we have a cat. Her name is Willow and she is as soft as muck and when anyone comes round she just thinks there's a comfy lap to sit on. We have had her about six years now, she spends most of her time sleeping and eating and cleaning. She does venture outside but not for long.

Tonight I'm sitting in my chair at the PC and she came in, for some reason i turned round and in the vague light I'm thinking what the blazes has she got in her mouth it looked a little like a big bit of meat or fish until and alarm bell rang and i realised it had a tail!!!

Well after some screaming and slight hysteria my husband came in to access the situation and by this time Willow was under the table where she sleeps and wasn't coming out. I had to shove her with the broom which maybe wasn't the best plan. She dropped the RAT, or that's what i think it was and left it. It moved which made things worse.

Well after some Sherlock Homes accessing we, or should i say, my husband managed to manoeuvre the RAT under the bin and slid something under it and put it back in the garages. The worst bit was it was still alive but bleeding and there was quite a bit on the carpet so i got out the vanish. Not sure how long it will survive but i didn't want it in my home and whilst Willow was probably impressed at her first captive in six years i wasn't!

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Dreamer said...

Oh! lol.. Kerri, what ever has got into her. I cannot imagine that Willow can be bothered to hunt, maybe it's the time of year. We have bird feathers all over the garden, it may well have been Dipsey, but it could have been several others in collusion. Any how rather you than me! lets hope she has not got a taste for this kind of thing. Hugs Mum