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Wednesday, 19 September 2007

That time of year

Well i guess it's that time of year again. The summer holiday's are over and the children are back to school. Now we have the run up to my favourite time of year and I'm sure most of you will be taking a huge breath followed by a loud sigh at that prospect.

Most of my working years i had similar conversations, most of my customers seeming surprised that i had started thinking about Christmas never mind shopping for it. Certainly helps spread the cost, plus there is nothing worse that having it sneak up on you and panicking.You know those Christmas lists get longer and longer every year and those purse strings don't seem to exist for the most part.
I, it seems am quite old fashioned when it comes to present buying. My motto has aways been 'It's the thought that counts'. These day's is more a case of 'Less is more'. The more presents children have the less they know what to do with. I have already bought one or two things that are being shipped to Santa for storage. Brett hasn't quite grasped the concept of Santa and his deliveries yet but he is well aware of all the eye candy when we go shopping and we are bombarded with adverts during the children's programmes.

When i was a kid, and i was for a while i loved opening our stockings full of oranges, pencils, chocolate coins. Lots of small but exciting things. Many presents were handmade, knitted dolls clothes for my tiny tears. I did have a dolls house (not sure it was a Christmas present) although I'm guessing a second hand one with hand made furniture. I think knowing that time had been spent making those gifts made them extra special.

Nowadays I'm sure if you asked children in twenty years what they remember about Christmas they would struggle to find anything of sentimental value. I still have one of the first bunnies my dad gave me from his milk round, or something like that, forgive me if i get my facts muddled but he's almost as old as me, the bunny that is!

Anyway i will get off my bell laden bandwagon now and look forward to rescuing the decorations from my tree and leaving milk and mince pies for Santa Claus and carrots for Rudolf and his side kicks.

Merry Christmas to all and to all...

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Dreamer said...

Oh did that make me laugh Kerri. You and Christmas were always a big thing. I remember making the 'handmade' furniture for your dolls house, I was still up into the early hours of Christmas morning finishing it off. Mum