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Sunday, 30 September 2007

Eye to Eye

Today we went to London. Jason, Jordan, Linzi, Brett and me. It was Jordan, Linzi and Brett's first visit. I have to be honest and say i wasn't all that fussed about going but it was quite a good day. I guess there were several highlights for Jordan and Linzi, one of which included our trip on the London Eye. Most of my time was spent keeping an eye on Brett who was quite content to move about and hang around at the doors. The signs 'Do not lean on the doors' made me slightly nervous but as we were fastened in i guess i worried unnecessarily.

I was quite amused by everyones interest in Buckingham Palace. After all from the outside it just looks like an over sized mansion. The statues however, everywhere you look someone is cast in stone or bronze. How on earth you they resurrect on the peaks of houses?

London itself got busier and busier, Regent Street and Oxford Street were heaving. I was quite taken with the idea of visiting Hamleys. With Brett now asleep it seemed like a good time. We skirted round the ground floor as it too was a hive of industry and Brett woke up before we finished so we decided not to bother with the other floors. The Disney Store was the highlight of my visit. Tinkerbell bags, cups, bits and pieces. I left with a couple of lovely Tinkerbell glasses.

All in all we found our way round quite easily and the only time we used public transport was to get us back to Victoria coach station and then we got off the bus too early!

It was a long day but Brett behaved pretty well considering and we were all more than ready for our beds by the time we got home. A good day was had by one and all.

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