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Monday, 17 September 2007

The Kitchen Fairy

All is tidy and all is clean
Pots and pans shimmer and gleam
Sparkling glasses shine so bright
Out from the cupboard a fairy takes flight

A cup of flour a pinch of salt
A sprinkle of sugar a splash of malt
Into the bowl the mix goes around
Tiny hands work not making a sound

Into the oven a while to bake
Watch it carefully for goodness sake
The spoons are cleaned and counters washed
The oven wiped down with the kitchen cloth

Open the door and onto the tray
Icing and sprinkles are soon on their way
Goodies and treats created with care
Left on the table for the family to share

Back to the cupboard to rest for the day
A tuckered out fairy I really must say
She loves to help out, clean and be merry
What a wonderful day. Thanks Kitchen Fairy!

Written by - Sarah Sabatini

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